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TOPIC: What are the EFFECTS of CUBISM (Analytical or Synthetic cubism) on other cultures in Europe between approx 1909-1925/30. (Ex. Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Russia)

CHOOSE: Please CHOOSE one artist for discussions from at least TWO different geographical regions.
(Ex. An artist from France, and an artist from Russia)

(While art work X and art work Y are different (similar?) from XXXX time period and are from different geographical locations, they both illustrate the effects of XXXX cubism by XXXXX….) this is the basic idea of the essay.

TIPS for ESSAY – Guidelines

Helpful suggestions for composing your writing:

Write your essay in the present tense and in third person. Omit use of personal pronouns (ex. I, we, you, us, etc.) Make clear, concise statements of fact, not opinion.
Include: Introduction, body of text, conclusion

Describe any art works using Visual Analysis – WHAT is the art work about? Subject? Use specific detail.

REMINDER: the good Qs to remember: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW? Be Specific…!

Introduction: Make engaging opening statements – Bring the reader into your writing.

Elements evident in art work: Line, shape, color, texture/pattern, space, time/motion,
Balance, scale, mass/volume, perspective, structure, etc.
Materials, medium, techniques, process, methods
(some elements are not applicable)
(painting, sculpture, photography, drawing)

Discuss: Context in which the art work was created? What do you know about the art and the art works the artist created? What may have been the intention of the artist in creating the works?
The reader may need background info about the artist to understand the subject.

** Some Qs that are merely guidelines and may not always apply:

o Does the art work communicate an action, narrative, or story?
o Does the art work explore movement… capture objects in motion?
o What kind of abstract elements can observe in the art work?
o Is text used in the work? Explain
o Do key objects have symbolic value or provide a clue to meaning?
o What is the overall mood… (this can be your perspective, of course)
o What. Subject matter contributes to the mood?
o What events and surrounding environments influenced the art works? (Context)
o Is the work characteristic of a particular style, movement, pr time period?

Stick to your topic… no sideline tangents … ideas should flow and transition to each supporting sentence and paragraph …. no grandiose vocabulary.

Conclude – affirm your opening with thoughtful, engaging statements without repeating the opening.

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