3-5 page research paper written on the following problem of practice in Education using the Structural Frame from the attached source. Problem of Practice:Does tenure for university professors create a culture where teachers don’t need to care about their students/course work to keep their jobs? -Identify and briefly describe a complex problem of practice. By “briefly describe,” I mean no more than half a page. -Ensure that your complex problem is sufficiently complex. -Describe how the structural frame and its underlying theories inform your understanding of the organizational causes of this complex problem of practice. -The purpose of this paper is to use and apply the structural frame and related theories, not to summarize the content of these Chapters. You can assume that I have read and understood the book, so there is no need to tell me stuff I already know. -Applications should clearly be labeled with components of each frame and related to theorists/researchers. -When possible, you can also make connections between the reading and other research and theorists. Do so, when possible, to develop your historical, integrated, conceptual, and theoretical understanding. Your objective in this assignment is to be accurate and complete.  Your writing should be clear and unambiguous.  There should be no unanswered questions in the reader’s mind about your written work or about what Bolman and Deal (2013) have written regarding the Structural Frame and the relationship to other theorists and researchers. Paper should: +be free of errors such as typographical, grammatical, and/or spelling, +represent the high quality of thinking and writing expected of doctoral students, +use APA style (familiarize yourself with this style manual), +have a cover sheet, page numbers, and a list of references following the APA style manual. (Source Material Attached)

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