Question 1 Overseeing the administration of teacher licensure      requirements, organizing programs of study, supervising elementary and      secondary education program assessment, and applying school finance laws      are all tasks of the chief state school officer. the state department of education. the federal Department of   Education. the school principal. 2 points Question 2 Many believe that the movement for statewide standards      testing has resulted in all of the following except state educational policymakers   directing financial assistance for underperforming school districts. federal policymakers taking over   control of underperforming schools. curriculum becoming more   narrowly-defined and tightly focused. lower socioeconomic communities   failing tests at higher rates than higher socioeconomic communities. 2 points Question 3 Parents who home school their children strongly believe      that they can provide a better education for their child than the public      school. Parents cite reasons for home schooling that include Concerns about the moral climate   in public schools Religious objections to the   content taught in schools The absence of particular courses   of study All of the above 2 points Question 4 In a constructivist approach to learning, learners actively make their own meaning   from new knowledge. learn new facts and knowledge   without questioning them. question all new information. believe that there are no   universal truths since all truths are relative. 2 points Question 5 Joshua is a high school history teacher who believes      that his role as teacher extends to teaching his ninth-grade students      certain core values, such as honesty, justice, kindness, and respect. Which      of the following would most likely be found in Joshua’s classroom? A multiple-choice test on   important events in World War II A geography unit identifying the   locations of all the major battles of World War II A fine arts unit in which students   develop appreciation for the music and dance of the United States in the   1940s A discussion of the   responsibilities of the United States toward Europe in the early 1940s 2 points Question 6 Ryan and Cooper contend that the “Tools for Learning,”      a set of academic learning skills, ought to be a major component of school      reform because these skills can train students’ thinking so as   to make them more efficient learners. provide job training to make high   school students more marketable. keep students from mixing up   facts. help students do better on   standardized tests. 2 points Question 7 The typical holder of this position is white, male, and      college-educated, and has a managerial or professional job unrelated to the      position. The position is state superintendent. school principal. local school board member. state department curriculum   specialist. 2 points Question 8 Which of the following most aptly characterizes the      historical stance that business has had toward public education? Business was and still is   interested in educational efficiency, standardization, and productivity. Business was interested in   standardization and regulation; now, it is almost exclusively concerned with commercialization   of education. Business was more concerned with   efficiency and quantitative evaluation; now, it is much more concerned with   authentic evaluation and student satisfaction. Business used to be exclusively   concerned with productivity; now, business is exclusively concerned with   educational expenditures, seeking to lower costs. 2 points Question 9 Ms.Pfluger is interviewing for a teaching position in      the Florham Park school system. According to school management and      organization, which of the following is the formal hiring authority? Building principal Assistant superintendent of   instruction Local school board School superintendent 2 points Question 10 Susan Breiner has just completed interviewing tw…

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