In this assignment, you will write a reflective synthesis statement that examines your development and growth throughout the program and plans for the future. You will then upload your finalized documents from this course into Optimal Resume to be submitted to your instructor by sharing the hyperlink to your final Optimal Resume portfolio. Part 1: Reflective Synthesis Statement Write a 2–3 page paper in which you: Describe how you will apply what you have learned in the M.Ed. program in your future career. Analyze how you have grown in the areas of educational theory, design, and analysis throughout your time in the M.Ed. program. Examine your growth in the area of reflection and analyze the significant ways and extent to which the process of reflection caused you to become a more reflective practitioner. Propose 2–3 ways in which you would apply continued reflective activities within your current or prospective work environment. Describe how the reflective process will help you in the future. Part 2: Final Portfolio Submissions Upload a finalized version of the following documents that incorporates feedback from your instructor and peers: Reflective Journal: Communication and Leadership. Reflective Journal: Design and Analysis. Reflective Journal: Strengths-Based Reflection. Reflective Journal: Ethics and Diversity. Skills Analysis with Media Component. Professional Development Plan. Reflective Synthesis Statement. Write a 2–3 sentence description for each of the requested documents including your major takeaway or takeaways from the assignment. Share your portfolio’s URL into the comment box of Reflective Synthesis and Portfolio Submission to submit the assignment to Blackboard.

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