1. ______________ is a voluntary attempt by a group to promote a professional identity. 2. Boundary issues in the supervisory relationship for school counselors include all of the following EXCEPT : 3. ____________ statutes determine and govern professional practice. 4. Differences in culture, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, and sexual orientation: 5. A school counselor was working with Quan, whose presenting problem was anxiety pertaining to academic success in college. This was within the scope of the school counselor’s training. However, during the course of therapy, Quan became very depressed and engaged in self-mutilation and other forms of self-destructive behavior. Quan’s counselor recognized that these symptoms and behaviors reflected a problem area that was outside the scope of his practice. Ethical practice required that the school counselor: 6. ___________ pertains to the responsibilities supervisors have to oversee the actions of their supervisees. 7. Which of the following statements is NOT accurate? 8. When a practitioner has a license, he or she is: 9. Signs of an impaired supervisor include all of the following EXCEPT : 10. __________ can be incurred when the actions of supervisors are the cause for harm. 11. According to the American School Counseling Association, in order to apply our knowledge and skills competently: 12. Registry is generally a voluntary listing of individuals who use a title or provide a service. ________ represents the least degree of regulation of professional practice. 13. The skills and training required to effectively and appropriately treat clients in a specific area of practice, and is both an ethical and legal concept, is the definition for: 14. Three legal considerations in the supervisory relationship are: 15. Even though mental health professionals may not intend to harm clients, _________ is often a major contributing factor in causing harm. 16. A primary aim of supervision is to create a context in which the supervisee can acquire the experience needed to become a: 17. ____________ is an effective way to assist school counselors in maintaining and enhancing their clinical skills development. 18. Which of the following statements is NOT true with respect to counselor competence? 19. It is essential that a good portion of the supervisory sessions focus on: 20. Susan is in a counselor training program and is infatuated with her supervisor. She has indicated that she is interested in pursuing an intimate relationship. In order to provide adequate supervision for Susan, her supervisor would need to:

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