Please read the attached files, they are more specific!

1.Read the articles

  • “Global productivity is slowing down: Three possible explanations”
  • “What’s needed to improve productivity growth”
  • “Australian productivity trends and the effect of structural change”

2.Write an essay to address the following questions:

  • What is the difference between the labour productivity and the total factor productivity (TFP)? Why is productivity improvement important for our living standard and well-being?
  • What is the current productivity trends in Australia?
  • Use your own words to reflect the three reasons for the productivity slowdown in OECD countries?
  • Which of these three reasons is more convincing to you? Explain your answer using a real-world example.
  • Is there any other reason which might contribute to the productivity slowdown?
  • What sorts of productivity-enhancing reforms we need to maintain the long-term growth and job creation in Australia?

3. some requirements:

1)word limited: 1500+_10%

2)Coherence of argument:

Having a minimum of three (3) references (books or articles from reputable publishers), in addition to the three references mentioned in this paper : 1%

Relevance to the topic: 4%

Logical consistency 4%

Figures/tables (original or cited)!!

3)Originality 3%

4) Presentation (No oral presentation is required. Precision in argument and use of terms, grounding in evidence, and clarity and concision in prose) 3%

5)Citation requirements: Please follow APA style for referencing and citation.

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