As presented in your text, there are several perspectives which attempt to explain how learning occurs; but regardless of the theoretical perspective, cognitive development is highly dependent on experiences for development. You have been assigned by the Analyzing Children’s Cognitive Development Pre-Activity to one theoretical perspective of cognitive development: Piagetian, Vygotskian, or information-processing. In your discussion post, Provide a brief analysis of the behaviors you observed in the Cognitive Development: Infant Block Play (Links to an external site.) video based on the theoretical perspective to which you’ve been assigned. Refer to the table below for some of the key ideas or terms that are associated with each perspective. These should be included in your initial post. Propose at least two strategies or activities that could be used to support development and is consistent with the theoretical perspective to which you were assigned. Discuss how you can involve the children’s family or community to extend the learning for one of your strategies you proposed above. Theoretical Perspective Key Ideas or Terms Piagetian Perspective schemata, assimilation, accommodation, equilibrium Vygotskian Perspective private speech, scaffolding, intersubjectivity, zone of proximal development Information-Processing Perspective attention, short and long-term memory, information storage and retrieval, metacognitive knowledge, cognitive self-regulation Guided Response: Analyze several of your classmates’ posts. Respond to at least two of your classmates (one from each of the other two perspectives) and include the following: A comparison and contrast between your perspective and theirs. One additional strategy they could use to support the child’s development. At least two additional ways that they can get parents involved in this learning process by extending their activities to the child’s home environment. Resources in the community that they may have overlooked.

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