EPA Strategy is: antecedent-based interventions. 1. Develop a thesis and 2-3 main ideas based on the peer-reviewed articles related to your strategy. You may use meta-analyses and comprehensive literature reviews to support your thesis. However, research articles must be used to support your main ideas. Specifically, the research articles must be a report of an experimental research design. a. A thesis is more than just a presentation of the professional literature about the topic. It is a one-sentence statement that is an argument or claim about the research findings on the strategy based on a thorough level of analysis of the professional literature. Before finalizing your thesis, be sure that there is enough research in the professional literature to support it. b. Your main ideas are two to three ideas, or conclusions, represented across the studies you have reviewed. It is also appropriate to focus one of your main ideas on critical gaps, or points of disagreement, in the research. Each main idea must be supported by four studies. 2. Complete the synthesis matrix using the format presented below. This synthesis matrix includes: a. Information describing the findings in each research article that support your main ideas (thus supporting your thesis). This is content you will put in the tables. You are to write this information in your own words so that you can avoid plagiarizing the authors’ works. b. Summary paragraphs written in your own words describing the support for each main idea. In your summary paragraphs, which will be placed beneath the tables, you should avoid summarizing each article separately. Your goal is to identify common themes/conclusions across articles related to your main ideas and, if appropriate, to identify any points of disagreement across articles. Submission guidelines: o Your assignment must be formatted in the Synthesis Matrix Template (provided at the end of this document) o Your strategy description and summary paragraphs must be written in APA 7th edition format (formatting, in-text citations, and a references page). o Use peer-reviewed articles from the library databases to support your thesis and main ideas. o NO direct quotes allowed. Summarize in your own words. o Submit your assignment to the appropriate assignment links in the course. ** You are to focus on only one evidence-based strategy.** Antecedent-based interventions** For this strategy, you are to write about two main ideas. You are to identify four references for each main idea. Thus, you will identify a total of 8 references. The references must be reports of experimental research studies about the evidence-based strategy. You will construct one table for each main idea. The content that is presented in each reference is to be summarized in one column of the table to which the reference applies. The summary should closely match the relevant information that is presented in the reference’s Abstract section. Specifically, your summary needs to address the following items only: the study’s participants, strategy (meaning the independent variable), and findings. The evidence-based strategy does not have to be specific to an exceptionality. In other words, the evidence-based strategy can apply across students who have been identified with the various categories of disability that are listed and defined in the IDEA. Conversely, it is okay if the strategy has been investigated with only one student population, such as students with autism. It is very important that you get the assistance you need to understand how to put this assignment together, properly, since (a) its format is unique and (b) we want to be certain that you learn as much as possible from it. Once you have read all of the instructions and have agreed to it I will send the articles. This is a graduate class so the writing must be as so. Article:1 https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/10883576050200040401 Article 2: https://journals.sagepub.com/do…

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