THE FULL INSTRUCTIONS ARE BELOW. I AM ALSO ATTACHING WHAT I HAVE DONE SO FAR BECAUSE I STARTED. Assessment 1 Early Development Case Intervention Analysis Create and analyze a 1–2-page simulated case study of an infant or toddler with developmental challenges and who shows evidence of factors that affect development. Then, create a 5–7-page intervention plan based on evidence-based strategies that have proven effective in similar cases and make projections for possible long-term impacts of the child’s current challenges. Note: The assessments in this course follow the successive stages of lifespan development, so you are strongly encouraged to complete them in sequence. Early developmental factors can have an influence that continues across the lifespan. The effects of genetic and environmental influences begin before birth. After birth, the formation of attachment style is a major developmental factor. Psychologists in each area specialization should be prepared to employ evidence-based interventions to address challenges posed by the effects of early developmental concerns. Part 1: Create the Case Create a simulated case study, relevant to your area of specialization, of an infant or toddler (birth to 24 months of age) who presents developmental challenges related to factors described by Bowlby’s attachment theory. Your case study should be 1–2 pages in length and it should describe: The infant or toddler and his or her strengths and challenges. The medical, family, and social context. The developmental challenges evident in the behavior of the infant or toddler. Evidence in the case that supports a specific attachment style. Contextual factors that could affect the infant’s or toddler’s development in the area you selected for consideration. Individual and cultural factors that theory and/or research indicate could impact the infant’s or toddler’s development. Any other factors you deem appropriate based on your understanding of the theory and related research. To develop this case, you should: Explore theory and research based on Bowlby’s attachment theory and related to the area of development you selected as the focus of the case. Identify attachment styles in general and analyze a specific attachment style for the case you are developing. Locate and read current research on prenatal and infant development to describe potential outcomes linked to development in infancy or toddlerhood, including important considerations in the case you are developing. Follow current APA guidelines for style and formatting, as well as for citing your resources. Include a reference list of the scholarly resources you consulted. Part 2: Early Development Case Intervention Analysis Research Complete the following: Research evidence-based interventions that have been effective in meeting the challenges of the infant or toddler you described in your case study, from the perspective of your own professional specialization (as far as possible). Explain how the deficits in developmental domains or environmental contexts impacted functioning. State the recommended interventions that align with your specialization. Include evidence for those outcomes from the professional literature. Explore briefly the literature on adult attachment issues, considering that early influences can impact development across the lifespan. Explain, from the perspective of your specialization, how the attachment style of the infant or toddler could be manifested as an adult. Explain how this might help in understanding and determining an approach to working with an adult with attachment-related issues. Structure of the Report Use the following format to structure your report: Title page. A descriptive title of 5–15 words that concisely communicates the purpose of your report and includes the name of the fictional subject. Be sure to follow Capella’s suggested format for title pages on course papers. Introduction. An overview of the paper contents, including a …

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