Departing Flights (General Case) You want to research morning flight departures from Tulsa International Airport (TUL) using data obtained from website. Find the airport’s departing flight schedule for yesterday morning and copy the flight information on a worksheet in a new workbook. Name the workbook e05b1Tulsa_LastFirst . Clean up the data after copying it. Name the worksheet Departures . Copy the worksheet and name the duplicate sheet Morning Departures . Sort the data on the Departures sheet by destination and then by airline. Insert subtotals at a change in destination, counting the number of flights. Collapse the subtotals to display the subtotals and grand totals. Create a blank PivotTable from the Morning Departures sheet. Display the Destination and Airline fields in rows. Display the Status field in columns to display canceled, on-time, and delayed flights. Display the Flight field in the values area and change the field settings to the Count function. Display the Departure Time as a filter and set a filter to include only departure times from 6 to 9 a.m. Name the PivotTable Morning Departure Status . Apply PivotStyle Medium 13 style . Adjust column widths as needed. Name the worksheet PivotTable . Create a PivotChart from the original dataset. Name the sheet PivotChart . Use the Destination field as the axis and the Flight # as the value. Change the value to the Count function. Change the chart type to a bar chart. Set 3.75″ chart height and 5.75″ chart width. Insert a slicer for the Status field and click the slicer button to display only on-time departures. Add a chart title On-Time Departures . Create a footer with your name, the sheet name code, and the file name code on each worksheet. Save and close the file. Based on your instructor’s directions, submit e05b1Tulsa_LastFirst. Innovative Game Studio (Disaster Recovery) You work as an assistant to Terry Park, the producer for a video game studio in Phoenix, Arizona. The company produces games for the PlayStation®, Xbox®, and Wii™ consoles. The producer tracks salaries and performance for everyone on a particular team, which consists of artists, animators, programmers, and so forth. Terry tried to create a PivotTable to organize the data by department and then by title within department. He also wants to display total salaries by these categories and filter the data to show aggregates for team members who earned only Excellent and Good performance ratings. In addition, he wants to see what the percentages of total salaries for each job title are of each department’s budget. For example, the total salary for Senior Artists is $263,300. That represents 50.27% of the Art Department’s salary budget ($523,800) for Excellent- and Good-rated employees. However, the percentages are not displayed correctly. Terry called you in to correct his PivotTable. Open e05b2Games and save it as e05b2Games_LastFirst . Identify the errors and make a list of these errors starting on row 41 in the PivotTable worksheet. Correct the errors and improve the format, including a medium Pivot Style, throughout the PivotTable. Create a footer with your name, the sheet name code, and the file name code. Save and close the file. Based on your instructor’s directions, submit e05b2Games_LastFirst .

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