This assignment is due today…….must be done in 10 hours…….if you agree to do you must have it done in 10 hours……no late Answer the following questions: 1. India’s civilization is known for absorbing outside influences and “Indianizing” them in a process known as acculturation. Give five examples (in music or out). 2. South Indian music uses composed songs mixed with improvisational sections. Can you think of a similar approach in Western music culture? What are the similarities and differences between the two? 3. Describe the concept of raga in Indian music. Do other cultures have something similar? 4. Describe the characteristics of Indian pop/cinema music presented in this module. How are these different from pop music in the West? 5. In the context of the fusion music you have heard in this class (Ravi Shankar, The Beatles, Bollywood, etc.), what are the pros and cons of “fusion” versus strict adherence to classical traditions?

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