this assignment is due in 10 hours….. must have done within 10 hours….. Child Development chapter summary Use the attachment book and do Chapter 4 Summary Choose one way to respond to the chapter from the following list. You must choose a different response type for each reading response : A. Outline the chapter.   I expect to see not just titles/subtitles but short descriptions to help you organize and understand the material.  Please show the big ideas, medium sized ideas, and small ideas.  Your may use Roman Numerals or bullet points.  Please see me if you have questions.  Here is what a sample outline should look like: I.  Understanding How And Why A.  The Need for Science:  to understand how and why all people change over time. 1.   The Scientific Method 2.  Begins with Curiosity B. Describe at least 3 concepts and the understanding that you now have based on your own childhood experiences or from your experiences as a caregiver. C. Choose 6 questions from the “What Have you Learned” section throughout each chapter. Type the question and your response. D .  What do you value and appreciate from this chapter? What concept/idea could you personally apply as a parent or teacher?  What concept/idea is still unclear or fuzzy? CHAPTER 4 summary only

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