When you visit Disneyland, the first thing you’re handed is a park map. This map is a wonderful piece of rhetoric– not only does it inform you about what you can do in the park (and where you can go to give Disney more of your money), but it uses color and iconic imagery to guide your eye to certain places, to make certain things stand out. It works to persuade you that Disneyland is a fun, safe, utopian space.

The Disneyland map is meant to appeal to everyone who comes into the park. There’s information for a general audience (where the rides are, where the food is, where the restrooms are) and for specific audiences (smokers, those with disabilities, those who have lost belongings or children in the park). Today, you’ll be making a Disneyland map for a more specific audience.

First, you should start this exercise by taking a look at the official Disneyland map(s). The current Disneyland map can be found here:

(Links to an external site.)https://disneyland.disney.go.com/media/dlr_nextgen/SiteCatalog/PDF/DLP_Halloween17.pdf (Links to an external site.)

…and you can go to this site to look at old Disneyland maps to see how they’ve changed over the last 50 years or so:

http://www.mousemaps.com/MouseMaps/Introduction.html (Links to an external site.)

You might choose to keep these handy for reference as you embark on the main body of this assignment. Read the whole assignment below before you begin so that you know where you’re headed.

1. You should decide on a specific audience you want to make a Disneyland map for. Later, we’ll think about how to research audience in a way that keeps us from making broad assumptions or using stereotypes. For today, though, I won’t be requiring you to do research on your audience. Instead, you should define your audience based on something (or some things) they think, believe, like, dislike, or do. A weirder or more specific audience could make this assignment more fun. For instance, I might target a map to Christians, or to People Who Hate Cats, or to Criminals.

2. Draw a map of Disneyland for your specific audience, including a map legend. This map should use visual and spatial logic to show your audience a vision of Disneyland that’s customized just for them. Since the Disney map is HUGE and extremely detailed, it’s alright if you would like to just map a single “land” of the park (Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, etc). I don’t care if you’re not a great artist– I’m not either. No judgment on this. Technologically, you can choose to draw this on paper or to draw in a program like Pixlr (Links to an external site.) or photoshop which will let you export an electronic file. Use what you feel most comfortable with. It should be clear from the map itself who your audience is and what they prioritize**. You can be inventive with this map– if you don’t know exactly what’s in a certain part of the park that might appeal to your audience (IE, where are the drinking fountains!?), you can research it or try to invent/imagine it. Finally, try not to make your audience too straightforward– if my audience is “people who love benches” and I just draw a map of every bench, I’ve done a really boring thing, and I’ll have nothing to analyze for step #3 below!

3. Write a reflection of at least 400 words in which you analyze the map you drew and explain what aspects appeal to your audience– and HOW those aspects appeal to them. How is it tailored to them? Be specific and really dig in to show us how careful you were as you put this map together.

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