Please read and follow the directions

Hi there again!

Just like with correlations, I want to spend some time this week collaboratively engaging some of what we’ve learned about interpreting regression results. The article is a bit old, but focuses on environmental and familial factors ability to predict bullying behavior and many of you are future school counselors! I’ve provided a regression table from the study, below.

In the table below, B refers to the unstandardized coefficient, SE B is the standard error of B, and the β refers to the standardized coefficient, Beta. Make sure to read the notes below the table to get a sense of the variables as these will help with interpretation.

1.) Just like with our exercise around correlations, I want you to make a first post that gives me a 2-3 paragraph “narrative” articulating what these results are telling us. In addition, as part of your narrative, think about what these results aren’t telling us, and what questions we might have. Have this first post up by Thursday.

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