QSO-320-Q4885 Mgmt Sci thru Spreadsheets 18EW4 : Problem 2-13 and Problem 2-22 Complete problems 2-13 and 2-22 at the end of Chapter 2 in your textbook. You will demonstrate your work using Excel templates provided. You do not need to include a graphical procedure. 2-13 Solve the following LP problem by using the graphical procedure and by using Excel:  Maximize profit =2X+YMaximize profit=2X+Y subject to the constraints 3X+6Y?327X+Y?203X?Y?3X,Y?0 2-22 The Coastal Tea Company sells 60-pound bags of blended tea to restaurants. To be able to label the tea as South Carolina Tea, at least 55% of the tea (by weight) in the bag must be Carolina grown. For quality, Coastal requires that the blend achieve an average aroma rating of at least 1.65. Carolina tea, which costs Coastal $1.80 per pound, has an aroma rating of 2; other teas likely to be blended with Carolina tea are only rated at 1.2, but they are available for only $0.60 per pound. Determine the best mix of Carolina and regular tea to achieve Coastal’s blending goals, while keeping the costs as low as possible. Discussion Questions and Problems Discussion Questions Problem2-13Solve the following LP problem by using the graphical procedure and by using Excel:

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