Discussion 1: No Magic Formula-

For this discussion, we are going to focus on comparing our own beliefs to those of Chris Tovani. Develop a main response in which you address the following:

Your own students may feel overwhelmed while watching a video and therefore, may miss important information. One strategy that can be useful in focusing students on ideas while viewing a video is to have them keep two-column notes during a viewing or to jot down thoughts under specific headings (Tovani). Students can also fold a paper into 4 equal parts with headings that guide what they need to look/listen for. Either notetaking can be created in a digital format depending on your students’ ability and the school’s resources.

You will be using the 4 heading technique while watching “No Magic Formula.” In “No Magic Formula” Tovani shares four guiding principles for teaching reading comprehension:

  • Selecting quality texts
  • Modeling thinking
  • Setting a purpose
  • Providing options for students to hold their thinking

For this discussion, you will be examining these principles in-depth.

  1. Divide a paper/page into four boxes.
  2. At the top of each box type in one of Tovani’s guiding principles as listed above.
  3. Jot down examples of each as you view the film, along with questions and thoughts about them.

-In your initial post share which one of Tovani’s principles resonated with you the most and why. Then use the Signposts for Nonfiction on page 89 inDisrupting Thinking to comment on the similarities and differences between the strategies Tovani discusses and those presented by Beers & Probst. Can they work together?

Respond to five class collogues postings.

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