Discussion Topics for All Practicum Students: (CHOOSE ONE)

Find two articles (one from a refereed journal and one from the web) related to Prochaska and Diclemente’s Stages of Change Model. Offer your personal reflections on this model and its usefulness or potential usefulness in your practice.


Working with clients can be like unlocking a combination lock. We may have to turn one way and then another trying to discover what combination of strategies and interventions finally “opens the door” and allows the client to make progress. Building a connection or trust with a client is often the first “intervention”. Describe the “sequence” you use, citing the empirical or other resources that have helped you build a useful strategy? How do you work? Some people start with “What’s up?” and others start more formally, loosening up later. How about you?


Children seldom refer themselves to counseling or other mental health services. If they do not refer themselves for treatment, then who is the client? What are the challenges of working with these non-voluntary participants? What strategies might you use to engage a reluctant child or adolescent? How and to whom do you report progress? If you are sharing information about the child with others, what is the impact on the relationship with the child?


Please share any professional issue that came up at your practicum site this week that has implications for your professional development (this might be a challenge, a success, something new you learned, an ethical issue, etc.)

FOR FULL POINTS, RESPECT THE WEEKLY DEADLINES. Discussion Topic #1: Post your initial message on the topic by Day 3 of this week. Post two thoughtful comments in response to at least two colleagues’ postings by Day 5, selecting, when applicable, postings that have not yet received feedback. Please respond thoughtfully, and challenge others’ logic, assumptions, clarity, etc. as appropriate. Students are encouraged to post additional responses during the week in order to enrich the discussion.

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