This arrangement has impacted the policy making process because some people in the United States have their favorable party and they do not want the opposing party to take more control. Many want their party to take more control and hope that it passes laws that they want. For example, when President Obama was president, he passed the Affordable Care Act which was what the Democrats supported but not the Republicans in the House of Representatives. This is a divided government because not all people want the same thing. Divided government gives more centrist ideas and it is known that the public like having a divided government because they know that at least one of their party has some control of the government. This has affected the policy making process many times in the past years. Divided government has been advantageous to the policy making process because it gives both parties to share power which creates a motive to agree. This makes them having to meet in the middle which can help the policy to be in the middle and find a reasonable solution. It helps produce a sustainable bipartisanship between both parties and come together instead of bumping heads with one another. Without a divided government or having both parties have their share in deciding about laws, we would have one party deciding everything in their favor only. The divided government stops this from happening, and allows more fairness. Although it is advantageous in this way, it takes longer for bills to be passed. Bills take longer to be passed because Democrats and Republicans must reach some sort of compromise in order to make laws, and both parties already have a hard time coming to a compromise over politics, so this is a lengthy process. So yes, divided government can have its advantages, but of course there are disadvantages as well.


I definitely do feel that the way our government is divided into parties, does for sure make a huge impact in the whole process of policy making. One advantage is the fact that we are able to in a way see a different point of view, and hear different opinions from the other parties around us. And at times it does help, because when the government does come together and work as a team, it could potentially help them create and come up with better ideas, that which hopefully all result in better decisions being made that could help us, the citizens.

But one disadvantage, is the fact that certain parties are just the total complete opposite of each other, especially the party of the Republicans, and the party of the Democrats. And I know that everybody is free to believe in what they want, and everybody is entitled to their own opinions, but sometimes it does go a bit too far. These two huge parties seem to not agree with just about almost every single little thing. For example, the whole subject of undocumented immigrants. One party wants to completely get them all out of our country, because they believe this and that, and that building a wall will get “all crime reduced”. But another party thinks the total complete opposite because of so and such, and feel that building a wall will not solve anything and is just a big waste of money. Each party has their very own strong opinion about one thing, and so does the other. And it makes the whole policy making process a whole lot more complicated, and at times it does make making certain decisions take a whole lot longer than it should be. And it all starts to affect some of us, the citizens, in one way or another.

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