In the Project Risk Management text, read Chapter 3, pages 37–66. For your course project, you will evaluate risks, and you will need to understand the use of the charter, scope, plan, and WBS. After you have successfully reviewed the charter, scope, plan, and WBS, how will you develop and apply risks to the risk management plan? Do you think that the charter, scope, plan, and WBS are all necessary for risk management planning? Your textbook mentions various types of tools for risk management. Tools such as the risk matrix, time-based network diagram, Gantt chart, network diagram, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, and decision trees are examples. Comment on these from the perspective of someone who is responsible for evaluating tools for a risk management program. Determine what you think is the best tool and explain how this tool can be used to evaluate and assess the risks. Come up with a scenario for using this tool.

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