Note: Discussion question and PPT are independent tasks. Please provide them separately. 1. Discussion Question: Answer the below discussion question in 1 full page and list out references. a. Explain the difference between managerial contingency and task contingency. Provide significant discussion information with APA citations for quotes or paraphrases and provide the research link that you have used to help you understand the question 2. PPT in full APA format: Case Study 8.1 The Hidden Costs of Infrastructure Projects—The Case of Building Dams, Page 286 of attached file Please describe about the case and answer the below questions Questions 1. Write briefly about the history of large cost overruns associated with megadam construction. 2. Why do you believe they are so popular, especially in the developing world? PPT Requirements: PowerPoint presentation (10 slides with notes – 5 Slides each for above questions) Use APA 6th edition format to complete the assignment Include Proper Citations and References No Plagiarism

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