I am teaching in a clinic this time, Primary Care clinic for adults and pediatrics, all of my students are 2nd year students. ages 20-35, african americans, caucasians, and some asian.

Reflective Discussion

Our focus this week is on assessment of learning styles/preferences. Discuss strategies for the different learning styles/preferences assessment with your preceptor. Conduct a learning styles assessment (you can use the “The VARK Questionnaire How Do I Learn Best?” with the students and report the following in your reflective journal response:

  • Describe the learner population in terms of (a) the subject of the learning module, (b) the environment where the teaching will occur–academic setting, community or clinical setting, (c) the number of students in the learner group, (d) their status–first year students, second year, etc., (e) age, gender, and (f) anticipated generational differences among learners
  • Draw some conclusions about the diversity of the learning styles/preferences of the group you are assessing and explain how this will determine your teaching strategies.
  • Discuss your methods of formally or informally assessing your group and identify any constraints you encountered.

Be sure you write this journal “off-line” and then copy/paste to this discussion forum (do not upload as a Word document). This will be something you will want to look back at as you progress forward in your upcoming role as a nurse educator.

Tie your discussion to QSEN, IOM recommendations, your personal goals, course objectives, NLN Nurse Educator competencies, and South University’s College of Nursing Conceptual Framework Pillars (Caring, Communication, Critical Thinking, Professionalism, and Holism).

Last week we reviewed NLN’s Core Competencies of Nurse Educators that you are asked to refer to in your reflective analysis. The conceptual framework is available in the Practicum Packet.

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