Unit 1.1 DB: Qualities of an Intentional Teacher Throughout this course, all of the concepts that we discuss will be related to the concept of intentional teaching and how the theories and concepts that we learn about can contribute to intentional teaching.  After reading Chapter 1 of your text and the video, “Do you teach or do you educate?” respond to the following questions in your initial post. Discuss three (3) qualities that you feel are essential qualities of an intentional teacher. Why do you believe intentional teaching is important? Think back to the teachers in your own lifetime and discuss an intentional teacher that you have encountered.  What qualities did this teacher possess that stood out to you as qualities that are inherent to an intentional teacher?  If you cannot think of an intentional teacher in your past, discuss an unintentional teacher that you encountered and share what they could have done differently to be more intentional. Be sure to include properly cited scholarly sources.

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