Please provide a detailed response to the below to include specific details and examples. What is the Vigenère Cipher? How does it work? Although the Vigenère cipher was an improvement upon previous historical encryption techniques, it is still vulnerable.  How would an attacker break a Vigenère-style cipher? Try your hand! 1.  Encrypt the below message using the Vigenère cipher. NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY. 2.  Decrypt the below message using the Vigenère cipher.  The passphrase is ‘crypto.’ Vyc Kbugecgx Qkgftk kcj btosnfntw pa dyiasorrxvwce Zatwuv bt Owivltks ke rwx 16hj tccmitp 3.  Create a Vigenère cipher of your own and see who can crack it!  Toward the end of the week, provide the solution to your cipher.

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