Visit a fast-food restaurant, coffee shop, or any other business as long as it lends itself to answering the assigned questions.

When responding to the questions below, be specific and support your responses with detailed information from the video.

1. Identify the restaurant and location you visited.

2. Describe the external store appearance (including shrubbery, cleanliness, and upkeep of outer building and parking lot) and the drive-through if used (including ease, speed, and accuracy of service).

3. Describe the cleanliness of the inner store (including tables, floors, and restrooms) and service if used (including ease, speed, and accuracy of service).

4. Describe the employee factors (including appearance, friendliness, and efficiency), the service factors (including speed and accuracy) and the food quality (including taste, freshness, temperature, and portion size).

5. Identify the areas you found to be weak and use what you have learned in this course to describe the corrective actions that you would take for each area identified. Support your recommendations with specific examples for improvement.

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