Career: Supply Chain Management.

Choose four of the following six topics and address each in at least one complete paragraph. Make sure to include the appropriate heading for each.

  • Basic Computer Setup: Identify the various peripheral devices, cables, ports, and healthy computing concerns encountered in this career. Provide links.
  • Web Resources: Identify the web resources used, communication and collaboration tools, plugins and players used in this career. Provide links.
  • Application Software: Identify the primary application software program(s) utilized and explain its use. Provide links.
  • System Software: Identify the system software program(s) utilized and explain its use. Provide links.
  • System Hardware: Evaluate the hardware components used in the primary computers or devices. Why they are using what they are using? Provide links.
  • Networking: What type of network does the company for this career use? What sorts of devices are connected? Is it wired, wireless, or both? Provide links.
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