In this unit we see how our government was founded, including varying ideologies. Our system has been labeled the “great experiment.” Consider this when doing this week’s discussion.

Prompt: Does our system of government work? In your answer, discuss the founding of our political system and make connections to the contemporary period (today).

In your answer, you should consider and properly cite the readings, audio, and video for this week’s Unit. Your discussion will be evaluated using the rubric below


According to videos in unit 7 videos, there is Bill Of Rights which includes the list of individual rights. 13 colonies worked as a continental congress to ratify the articles of confederation to establish a new nation. The Framers of the United States used the separation of powers and checks and balances by dividing power evenly to branches. There is the constitution and there are three branches which include legislative, executive, judicial. The legislative branch includes congress which divides into the senate and the house of representatives. The executive branch includes the president and the vice president. The judicial branch includes the supreme court. The legislative branch passes the federal laws and budgets; they also establish federal courts and the number of judges. They also approve treaties and presidential appointments. The judicial branch reviews the decisions of federal and lower state courts. The executive branch makes foreign treaties and enforces federal laws and commands the armed forces. These three branches share the power and there is a system where they keep each other in check so no branch is too powerful. The Fourteenth Amendment realigned the relationships between the states and the federal government. It strengthened the federal government’s power over the States, particularly regarding the State treatment of citizens. It was hard to divide the power between the national government and the states in order to create a strong union. There was also a three-fifths compromise that delegated that all slaves of a particular state are to be counted as three-fifths of a white person. The population of slaves would be counted as three-fifths in total when apportioning Representatives, as well as Presidential electors and taxes.


The Bill of Rights was to protect the personal lives of Americans from governmental intrusion. Because of this, I believe that the First and Fourth Amendments, in particular, have an incredibly influential impact on protecting our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In Unit 7 videos it explains that today every sentence, word, and punctuation in mark in the Bill of Rights is still considered fundamental to the freedoms Americans enjoy. The fundamental American law enshrined the division of powers. They established a system of mutual control whereby citizens were both subjects of their state and union. Issues related to defense, currency, foreign trade, and international relations were a sole competence of the union’s federal government. For states, the management of everything related to communications, internal politics, worship, police, justice and education was reserved. The U.S. Constitution, which is the nation’s supreme law, defines the structure of the federal government and the functions of its three main branches. The legislative branch represented the two houses of Congress; the Senate and the House of Representatives. Both chambers must pass bills before they are sent to the President for signature. The executive branch: represented by the president, the vice president, and the Cabinet. Its role is to implement the laws. Judicial branch: represented by the Supreme Court and federal juvenile courts. It interprets the laws and has the power to invalidate or declare a law unconstitutional, even if it has been passed by Congress and signed by the president. The federal government operates under a system whose primary purpose is to protect the interests of its citizens. The Bill of Rights to the United States constitution has been vital to the survival of our nation. The freedoms granted to the American people in these first ten amendments allow us to live comfortable and opportune lives. These inalienable rights affect our lives every day.

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