Adulthood, Cognitive Development, and Multiple Intelligence” Please respond to the following: Analyze one (1) of the Neo-Piagetians’ theories of cognitive development discussed within Chapter 13, and examine the primary ways in which the chosen theory falls short in addressing adult learners from a different class, ethnicity, gender, and / or social context. Suggest specific implications of applying the chosen conceptualization within a learning setting comprising adult learners. Justify your response. E-ACTIVITY Go to the “Tapping into Multiple Intelligences” section of the “Thirteen Ed Online Concept to Classroom” Website, located at , and review Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Next, take the short Multiple Intelligences Self-Inventory, located HERE Be prepared to discuss (Note: The test works optimally when accessed using Internet Explorer). Use the Internet to research criticisms of the theory of multiple intelligences, as applied in an adult learning context. Be prepared to discuss. From the e-Activities, defend or critique the results generated from your unique “M.I. Snowflake”. Next, examine at least one (1) criticism of the application of Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory within an adult learning setting, and give your opinion of the validity of the criticism in question.

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