Discussion 6 3 3 unread replies. 3 3 replies. Using the web, search for “software firewalls.” Examine the various alternatives available and compare their functionality, cost, features, and type of protection. Perform an analysis and describe which one you think is better and why. Create a weighted ranking to your own evaluation of the features and specifications of each. (Do not copy and paste from the vendors website). OR You have been contracted by a small local business to select and setup a firewall for their office. The organization only needs web access, SMTP, and FTP access. Evaluate and identify which firewall you would select for this application and why. Indicate which firewall processing modes you would implement, identify the structure of the firewall (such as an appliance or software), identify the firewall architecture, and identify some basic rules for the firewall (such as open and closed ports). I do not want a specific manufacturer or open source product, I want to know which firewall you would select and why.

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