Week 3 Discussion Choices in Engaged Interviewing Interviewing clients requires a constellation of skills, including attending to personal issues, active listening, focusing and encouraging more talk, summarizing, empathy and support, and setting clear boundaries (Gelman & Frankel, 2004). In HUMN 4002, you had the opportunity to analyze and evaluate the various types of interviews, consider techniques for crisis situations, and examine challenges related to human services interviewing. Additionally, you actively applied structured and unstructured interviewing techniques for a specific scenario. In this Discussion, you think about strengths and limitations of both structured and unstructured interviews. Once again, you put yourself in the role of a human services professional as you explore which type of interview will most benefit the client whom you have selected. To Prepare for this Discussion: Review your coursework from HUMN 4002: Effective Human Services Interviewing. Review the article, “Use of Structured Interviews by Psychiatrists in Real Clinical Settings: Results of an Open-Question Survey.” Review the article, “Popular or Unpopular? Therapists’ Use of Structured Interviews and Their Estimation of Patient Acceptance.” Review the article, “The Unstructured Clinical Interview.” Review the article, “Toward a Cognitive Model of Ethnic/Racial Biases in Clinical Judgment.” Review the media, “Case Management,” from Week 2 and select one of the clients presented for your Discussion. Be sure to choose a different client from last week. Think about whether you would use structured or unstructured interviews with this client. With these thoughts in mind: Post a brief description of the client you selected, including his or her demographic information and situational context. Then, explain the life challenges presented by the client. Finally, explain whether a structured or unstructured interview might be most appropriate for that client and why. You are required to support your postings with references to the Learning Resources and current literature. Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

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