Compare and contrast Johnson’s and Thoman’s essays. What are some of the strategies that you feel were used successfully in creating writer’s voice? Is one author better than the other in his or her technique of developing writer personality?

You are required to post three short responses for each forum: Your first post should directly address the prompt. You must do this by adding your own thread. However, your second and third postings should be replies to other participants’ threads. All first postings must meet the minimum 200 words requirement for a full grade. All second and third postings must be at least a 100 words long to receive full credit. Postings should also be free from grammatical or typographical errors. Responses must certainly exhibit critical thinking and depth for a full grade. Superficial responses that serve as mere fillers to the discussions will deserve not more than 50% of the discussion grade at my own discretion. Paraphrasing or summarizing materials out of the textbook or someone else’s postings will not qualify for a grade.

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