For this Discussion Board, please answer BOTH prompts A and B. (A) Your text and lesson PowerPoint outline three main categories of educational programs for students who are at risk of underperformance in school.  For Part A of this discussion, select one (1) of the three categories to discuss in depth. Briefly discuss how this category of programs addresses the need of at risk students. Then, choose two (2) specific programs available under the category you have chosen and describe these programs.  In your discussion, be sure to address proven effectiveness for the at risk population for the programs you have chosen. Provide a supplementary link for each program you have chosen to a study or article that supports the effectiveness of the program. Example: (Category – Early Intervention Programs, two possible programs to discuss – Birth to 3, Nurse-Family Partnerships).  Each state has different programs available for all the categories that you have discussed.  An internet search will help provide you with different programs to choose from each category. If possible, select programs from the state in which you reside. (B) Your text and lesson PowerPoint emphasize several different ways in which students can be grouped to accommodate achievement differences and promote optimal student success.  However, there are pros and cons to each method of grouping.  For Part B of this discussion: After reading about the different forms of groups, select the form of grouping that you believe most effectively promotes student success. Discuss the benefits of the form of grouping you have selected, as well as some of the controversies surrounding this practice. Be sure to include properly cited scholarly sources.

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