Discuss how Internet Marketing impacts your industry (accounting-marketing-budget)

In this assignment, you will be discussing how internet marketing trends impact your industry.

As I am sure you are noticing, the word marketing includes many business functions including 1) Pricing, 2) Product Development, 3) Placement and Logistics, 4) Promotions and advertising, or 5) Customer Service. For this discussion, I want you to read about recent internet marketing trends that impact your industry (accounting-marketing-budget).

Describe the internet marketing trends in your future career field(accounting-marketing-budget)

To earn full credit, complete the following:

1) Select 1 article from any publication listed below about internet marketing that you find interesting.

  1. Bloomberg Business Week
  2. The Washington Times
  3. Forbes
  4. Fast Company
  5. Harvard Business Review
  6. Entrepreneur

2. Then find 2 additional news articles that discuss the latest Internet Marketing trends that impact your industry (accounting-marketing-budget). Good sources of information for your specific career field could include searching Google News, Association Websites, or Research Articles.

3) Describe the Internet Marketing trends in your future career field (accounting-marketing-budget) that you researched.

4) Find an additional 2 articles online that directly relate to your future career field’s (accounting-marketing-budget) Internet Marketing trends. (Your articles must be less than 36 months old.)

5) Share the hyperlinks for the 2 news articles that talk about your future career field’s (accounting-marketing-budget) Internet Marketing trends.

6) Describe the most useful information in your 2 news articles.

7) Explain how your new knowledge will be beneficial to you.

8) Share your resources in a Work Cited format using APA

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