Part I. Discussion 1: Review of Disability Law and Policy in America.

1. In reviewing Week 1 learning resources of Disability History and Disability Timelines, we can have a better understanding of what shaped the foundation of what we know today as the Disability Rights Movementin this country and the disability laws and policies that are in place as an effort to create a more inclusive society.

For a better understanding, you need to read the resources for this topic included in the Learning Resources for this Week 3. You will also find additional information about the ADA posted under the Announcements area as a brief summary of the ADA for your review.

2. Please respond with a brief explanation the following questions:

a) After becoming familiar with the History and Disability Rights Movement and the American with Disability Act – Was the U.S. in need of such comprehensive civil rights law for one specific population?

b) Does the ADA influence your thoughts with regard to the rights of other populations or identities other than disability, such as race, ethnicity or LGBT?

c) Have you witness through your own experience or that of people you know if the ADA and its consequent policies have, in any way, improve their social interaction with others and therefore their quality of life.

3. Once you have posted your responses to the above questions, please respond to at least 2 other classmates’ posts.

Part II. Discussion 2– Disability Rights Movement

To Do:

Read the learning resource entitled “A Brief History of Civil Rights in the United States” and Disability Rights Movement complete the following:

There are many educational YouTube videos about the Disability Rights Movement and the efforts that were made to make change the life situation of people with disabilities in the country.

1. Find one short video or documentary about this social movement and briefly explain:

a) What is the video/documentary all about?

b) What were the significant points or messages the advocates/leaders were trying to


c) Compare the time when the video/documentary took place to today society. What has


Note: Remember as a reference to list the source, tile and link to the video or documentary.

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