Question devry cis407a week 2 quiz latest 2016 july 1 . Question : (TCO 2) The _____ is generated automatically by ASP . NET . SSL HTTP HTML FTP Question 2 . Question : (TCO 2) Ensuring that a Web page is compatible with as many browsers as possible is called _____ . IE cross-browser compatibility HTML5 workarounds Question 3 . Question : (TCO 2) A(n) _____ style is created by coding a style attribute for an HTML element . rule self-closing extra inline Question 4 . Question : (TCO 2) The number of pixels between cells in a table can be specified by _____ . cell spacing width colspan rowspan Question 5 . Question : (TCO 2) As you enter code in Visual Studio, the _____ feature provides drop-down lists of coding options that you can enter by selecting and pressing the Tab key . IntelliSense Comment Event Toolbox Question 6 . Question : (TCO 2) The difference between check box and radio button controls is that _____ . only one check box in a group can be checked at the same time only one radio button in a group can be checked at the same time you can only use the Checked property to check whether a check box is checked you can’t have just one radio button on a form Question 7 . Question : (TCO 2) The CheckedChanged event is raised for a radio button whenever the checked property of _____ . the button changes to checked the button changes any button in the group changes to checked any button in the group changes Question 8 . Question : (TCO 2) The Rows and Selection Mode properties apply to _______ . all controls textboxes listboxes dropdown boxes Question 9 . Question : (TCO 2) The hyperlink control provides an easy way to _____ to another page . group link check stick Question 10 . Question : (TCO 2) The ________ displays a text box and button for users to browse, select, and upload a file . Text box control Upload text box control Upload file control File menu devry cis407a week 3 quiz latest 2016 july Question 1 . Question : (TCO 3) By default, session state objects are tracked by the use of _____ . query strings brownies applications cookies Question 2 . Question : (TCO 3) The Application_Start event is typically used to _____ . initialize the values of session state items initialize the values of application state items retrieve application statistics from ASP . NET add components to the global . asax file Question 3 . Question : (TCO 3) A global . asax file for a website provides _____ . event handlers for application events application properties and methods the attributes for an application the options for an application Question 4 . Question : (TCO 3) Master page events are like content page events, but the master page events occur _____ the content page events . before after at the same time master page events do not occur Question 5 . Question : (TCO 3) Which of the following is true for friendly URLs? They mirror the directory structure of the website . They don’t include the file names of the pages that are being requested . They can include query strings . They often improve browser performance . Question 6 . Question : (TCO 3) Before you can use a navigation control, you must _____ . configure the web . config configure the global . asax configure the web . sitemap configure the security settings Question 7 . Question : (TCO 3) The _____ control displays the navigation as menu options . Master page TreeView Menu Listbox Question 8 . Question : (TCO 3) Application-state variables are _____ . global variables for each ASP . NET application local variables for a file not useful for data connections not able to be modified in ASP . NET pages Question 9 . Question : (TCO 3) _____ variables are maintained while the browser is opened . Session Application Class Cookie Question 10 . Question : (TCO 3) _____ values are a mode of session state that stores values in the memory space of a standalone Microsoft Windows Service . This service runs outside of the IIS or ASP . NET application server process and memory …

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