Remember, your position for this assignment is to legalize aid in dying.

The reason we have these two position paper topics (aid in dying and the death penalty) is precisely because reasonable people can stand on either side–initially, if you oppose aid in dying, or you want the death penalty, ok, you are not alone; but this paper pattern is set-up primarily so each student can learn effective organizational patterns, how to use sources effectively, and how to use a variety of strategies–logical, emotional, and ethical–to support and counter. Just get through these assignments and focus on learning the pattern.

First, carefully watch the Seattle Channel video, and then develop one counterargument from the Seattle Channel video; first, focus on the debate between Dr. Susan Rutherford and Counselor Arline Hinckley.

You need to summarize and paraphrase just one complete counter-argument. Remember, if you use the actual, exact wording, you must wrap that phrase in quotation marks (integrated quotes).

Remember, a counter-argument is Two parts: first, you present the objection, and then you counter it. It might help you understand this two-part distinction by simply adding a question mark to the objection. Please note that one source, one paragraph–so you will have two paragraphs for this assignment: the first paragraph presents the objection, with a source, and the second paragraph counters, also with a source. Remember, from here on out, we are writing source-based papers (not reflections or responses)!

For example, start your first line with the following sub-title:

Too Depressed to Make a Rational Decision? Then hit the enter key so your first complete sentence will be the claim statement of Dr. Susan Rutherford’s objection: According to Dr. Susan Rutherford, MD, ‘terminally ill patients are too depressed to make a rational decision.” This claim statement will then be followed by one or two of her supporting sentences.

Hit the enter key and then you counter it in a new paragraph with a summary by Arline Hinckley. Make sense? So, now, you will have at least two complete paragraphs, making-up one counter-argument.

Link for the video: (Links to an external site.)

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