Contrast Antigone and Lysistrata. Use specific details drawn from both works of art to discuss what you consider the single most important difference between them. Begin with a clear opening statement declaring what the most important difference is, how it is expressed, and why it matters.

SAMPLE OPENING 1: The most important difference between Antigone and Lysistrata is evident in the degree of support the protagonist of each play receives. While Lysistrata is offered ready assistance from women across Greece, Antigone is abandoned by everyone, even her own sister. This difference is more important than any other because it determines the outcome of both plays. Because Antigone must struggle alone, she dies, along with those she loves. Because Lysistrata is surrounded by friends and supporters, she achieves her goal easily, at little cost to herself.

GRADING RUBRIC: Like all written assignments, your answer will be graded in part on you ability to adhere to the conventions of spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation. In addition to this, your instructor will grade your answer against the following checklist:

  1. Does the opening articulate a single difference between the two works of art?
  2. Does the opening explain how the difference is manifested in each work of art?
  3. Does the opening present a coherent reason that this difference is the most important?
  4. Does the opening seem like the basis of an interesting paper?
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