Watch the Power to Heal documentary. Please answer the following six questions in one to two thoughtful, clear, cohesive, and well written paragraphs per question. The assignment should be a minimum of two pages and a maximum of four full length pages total, APA format.

1. Prior to 1965 what hospital practices were contributing to the disparities in life expectancy and infant mortality for African American patients? What was legally validating these hospital practices?

2. In your opinion why was the formation of the National Medical Association necessary? Do you see forms of institutional racism happening today? Provide a current example.

3. The Power to Heal video indicated that “living separate but equal” made individuals sicker than others. In what ways do you think this was true?

4. What strategies and/or tactics did President Johnson use to ensure the passage of Medicare? Today, what type of strategies do you think are needed to encourage support for universal healthcare in the US?

5. Power to Heal illustrates how Movement leaders and grass-roots volunteers pressed and worked with the federal government to achieve justice and fairness for African Americans. Explain how federal funding requirements contributed to desegregated medical care. Why was it necessary? Do you believe US medical care is integrated today? Why or why not?

6. The hospitals “resisting change” is not an uncommon theme in healthcare. Can you describe another time in healthcare that people had a difficult time adjusting to change?

Link for the movie:,contains,power%20to%20heal%20&offset=0 (Links to an external site.)

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