1. Review topics of interest in chapter 2(II Design of Embedded Systems) and 3(Analysis and Verification) in textbook (CPS pdf on syllabus). In a table, for each chapter list 3 topics (column 1) and related page numbers (column 2) that interest your career.  For each describe the topic (column 3) and why relevant in a few sentences ((column 4) . 2. Research Google Scholar on IOT applications in medical informatics/apps that are recent (dated 2019), such as CDSS apps on smartphones sending big data to the cloud for further processing. Make a table of 3 domain sources and 3 system sources. For each list the source ref/link, include abstract, and why you think relevant in a few sentences. Note: (Domain sources include any research that provides insight on the application area of your project. System resources include any research that provides insight on the application design of your project.)

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