In this assignment, students will build and configure a virtual Linux platform from which to perform additional assignments going forward in the course. Deploy Kali Linux and create a virtual machine (VM). Access the GCU Virtualization Solutions located within the Student Success Center. Apply for an account if you haven’t already done so for another course. Install the virtualization software and create a new VM. Download and install the Kali Linux operating system within the new VM. Utilize the resources available in the course materials. Log in to Kali using the default login account (root: toor). Create a screenshot showing successful login. Create a separate VM. Download and install the PFSense firewall into the new VM. Research installation guides and details for PFSense installation within your particular virtualization program. Ensure that both the PFSense firewall VM and the Kali Linux firewall VM are on the same virtual network. If necessary, research “networking virtual machines” + your particular virtualization program for details and updates. Create a screenshot showing successful network communications. Create a 300- to 500-word step-by-step instruction guide that will allow a third party to duplicate your results. Screenshots are required.

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