For this six- to eight-page paper you will need to:

  • − Describe how you learned about your heritage, familyritual, what growing up was like, relevant demographics, family-held worldviews, and familial experiences with oppression. (grow up in china with simply family dynamic, my family are a traditional family that they want me to go to a better college and find a good job)
  • − Explain how these issues have affected you and how your experiences affect how you work with other groups.
  • − Select the most appropriate model of identity development for your primary cultural identity.(see the attached file for the model)
  • − Using that model (i.e., the identity development model that you select), citing peer-reviewed articles, determine in what stage you are in your personal identity development. Describe the traits and behaviors you see in yourself that you used in your self-assessment.
  • − Explain what happened in your past that moved you, or allowed you to move, from one stage to the next to get you where you are today. (came here to study that offer me a more broad worldview, give me the idea of diversity)
  • − Describe what needs to happen to move you to the next stage of development, using the peer-reviewed articles to guide your line of argumentation. What will you do to bring about that next stage of development?
  • − Describe what you will do to move to the highest levels of identity development and integration.
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