IMPORTANT: AFTER PURCHASE, LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND SCROLL DOWN BELOW THIS PAGE TO DOWNLOAD FILES WITH ANSWERS. 1. Calvin’s view of __________  and government would lead to his belief that the sovereignty of God within his church should allow his disciples to guide the secular authorities in spiritual matters. 2. Swiss Reformer who tried to influence the Catholic church from within to begin with. 3. In the Early Modern World, who felt that mathematics was the “queen of the sciences, and was all anyone needed to explain a mechanical universe? 4. From the Essay “Influence of Christianity on Western Culture”.  Who was the individual who started an orphanage and created an environment where thousands of children were impacted? 5. At the beginning of the 17th century both England and France were governed by absolute monarchs who based their claims on _____________. 6. According to the essay “Impact of the Protestant Reformation.” The “freedom to worship gate” had been closed by the _______________ for centuries. 7. Once Pope Paul III realized the seriousness of Luther’s reformation, he assembled what Council? 8. In the Early Modern World the “Age of  Reason” and ____________________ are the two terms that describe the intellectual characteristics of the eighteenth century. 9. Mary I is better remembered throughout history as “Bloody Mary,” because during her short five-year reign, she had almost 300 catholic dissenters burned at the stake, This action by the queen would result in a book being written by _____________called The Book of Martyrs. 10. The ______________ were persecuted by the Church of England and authorities more than the Puritans because they sought to worship outside the realm of the Church, which was a direct challenge not only the Church of England, but also to Elizabeth I and later James I. 11. Who was the founder of the Jesuits, a group of Catholic responders to the Reformation. 12. Luther’s teaching and the heart of the Reformation are really summed up in two Latin phrases, Sola Scriptura and ____________. 13. Martin Luther posted his __________________  on the door of the castle church at Wittenberg on October 1517. 14. Who said the famous words “Here I stand. I can do no other”? 15. Who saw work as God-pleasing and a calling (Vocatio)? 16. ___________ were remissions by the Catholic Church of temporal punishment on earth or in purgatory. 17. The ___________ Bible translation became the first English translation to be printed utilizing the printing press and before his martyrdom in 1536, approximately 16,000 copies of his translation had been passes out in England. 18. Which one of these individuals was not part of the Protestant Reformation? 19. According to the essay “Impact of the Protestant Reformation.” He opened the door to modern astronomy on his view of the Sun and Earth? 20. Who died as a Martyr? 21. Sola Fida means by Scripture alone. 22. Luther felt that music distracted from worship and should not be in church services. 23. In many ways the Renaissance was the spiritual side of the Reformation. 24. By giving dignity to labor and accenting the spirit of individual freedom, communism produced positive economic effects. 25. One of the most important theological ideas of the Reformation is expressed by the phrase “sola scriptura.” 26. The publication of Newton’s Principia in 1687 marked the dawn of the Enlightenment, an optimistic new age that relied on the intellect to design a rational society in a knowable universe. 27. Immanuel Kant was a leading scientist of the Early Modern World. 28. Henry the VIII broke away from the Catholic Church because of doctrinal issues. 29. The keystone of the revolt against the Church of Rome was the dazzling realization that people could live in a direct relation to God with no necessity for an intermediary. 30. From the Essay “Influence of Christianity on Western Culture”.  Before Christ appeared, there was an extremely high status for Greek, Jewish, a…

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