IMPORTANT: AFTER PURCHASE, LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND SCROLL DOWN BELOW THIS PAGE TO DOWNLOAD FILES WITH ANSWERS. 1. Which two structures illustrate Roman eclecticism? 2. These letters were the universal mark of Roman authority. 3. What structure did the Romans build that allowed their expression of who they were in the world and what they were trying to do? It was also used as a propaganda device; a representation of the yoke of oxen. 4. This is the best preserved of all Roman buildings because it became a Catholic church early in the history of the Church of Rome. 5. According to the Roman timeline this Republic began around what date? 6. According to your textbook who is the greatest Roman historian? 7. The central wedge-shaped stone in an arch; the last stone put in place, it makes the arch stable. 8. Which of American founding fathers designed their house with the Pantheon in mind? 9. What was Rome’s major and most enduring contribution to Western Culture. 10. One of the most revolutionary and authoritative structures ever built, which has influenced the architecture of every age from the ancient Rome to the present day. 11. What were as common in Rome as billboards are to us today? 12. What significant structural architectural principle did the Romans develop? 13. The Romans valued education and scorned the uneducated, whether Roman or foreigner. Who wrote “Ignorance condemned these impoverished souls to “the tyranny of the present”? 14. This is the oldest continuously used religious building in the West, having started as a pagan temple and then converted to a Catholic church. 15. Who proclaimed himself to be the first emperor of Rome? 16. The Punic Wars involved which two countries? 17. Literally means “the public affair” or “the people’s affair”. 18. Which document did Jefferson write? 19. Who wrote the poem the Aeneid? 20. Which Roman city was destroyed by a volcano, Mt. Vesuvius? 21. Lex, Rex was written by the King of England in 1644. 22. The main point we were illustrating with the aqueduct was Roman imperialism. 23. For the Romans, imperialism was a matter of living out their destiny. 24. The Greeks had slaves but the Romans chose not to embrace slavery. 25. The Romans took pride in their Imperialism. 26. The Romans viewed the Greek culture as very distasteful and refused to use any of it with their own culture. 27. Greece has very little influence on the Roman culture? 28. Duty, honor, and patriotism were Greek virtues as opposed to the Roman ideals of freedom, truth, and beauty. 29. Philosophy is the one area of Roman culture that is not indebted to the Greeks. 30. The Greeks were more interested in what works, while the Romans were more interested in what is r BUY MORE MATERIALS FOR THIS COURSE: CSTU 101 Quiz 1 CSTU 101 Quiz 2 CSTU 101 Quiz 3 CSTU 101 Quiz 4 CSTU 101 Quiz 5 CSTU 101 Quiz 6 CSTU 101 Quiz 7 CSTU 101 Quiz 8

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