IMPORTANT: AFTER PURCHASE, LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND SCROLL DOWN BELOW THIS PAGE TO DOWNLOAD FILES WITH ANSWERS. ______________ is a physical port on a Layer 3 switch configured to act as a router port. In ___________________ buffering, frames are stored in queues that are linked to specific incoming and outgoing ports. Which standard specifies the Ethernet MAC sublayer functionality in a computer NIC? In Ethernet technology, IP addresses are used to identify the frame source and destination. In cut-through switching, the switch does not perform any error checking on the frame. The ______________ sublayer of the data link layer is responsible for the placement of frames on the media and the removal of frames from the media. ________________ allows a switch to deliver power to a device, such as IP phones and some wireless access points, over the existing Ethernet cabling. Which of the following Ethernet changes occurred in the year 2002? MAC addresses are displayed as ___________________ numbers. Which of the following is not one of the primary fields in an Ethernet frame? If a destination host is not on the local network, the source node uses the MAC address of the ___________________ as the destination address in its frames. Ethernet is a contention-based method of networking that provides a method for controlling how the nodes share access to the medium through the use of __________________ technology. Which part of an IPv4 packet contains the Layer 4 segment information and the actual data? The role of a ________________ is to select paths for and direct packets toward the destination host in a process called ___________________. The Internet is largely based on _____, which is still the most widely used network layer protocol. The local routing table of a host typically contains a route to the loopback interface (  This address is known as a ______________________. After header information is added to a PDU by the network layer, the PDU is called a ______________. What does the version field of an IPv6 header always contain to identify IPv6 packets? Which of the following is not an advantage of the IPv6 simplified header over the IPv4 header? When entering the route print command, the Interface List section displays which of the following? Which field in an IPv4 header is used for error checking of the IP header? A router’s IOS is typically stored in flash memory and is copied into RAM for execution by the CPU during bootup. Which of the following is not a column in an IPv6 Route Table? What is the IPv6 equivalent of the local default route? On a router, what field in an IPv4 header should be examined to determine that the maximum number of hops has been reached by the packet on its way from the source to the destination? BUY MORE MATERIALS FOR THIS COURSE: CSIS 330 Quiz 1 Liberty University CSIS 330 Quiz 2 Liberty University CSIS 330 Quiz 3 Liberty University CSIS 330 Quiz 4 Liberty University CSIS 330 Quiz 5 Liberty University CSIS 330 Quiz 6 Liberty University CSIS 330 Quiz 7 Liberty University CSIS 330 Final Exam

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