Minimal Submitted Files You are required, but not limited, to turn in the following source files: (The Assignment6 class extends JApplet) – to be completed (it extends JPanel and contains ButtonListener nested class) – to be completed (it extends JPanel and contains ButtonListener nested class) You can download the above files and use them to complete this assignment. You might need to add more methods than the specified ones. Skills to be Applied: Swing/AWT, Vector (very similar to ArrayList class) Classes may be needed: JApplet, JButton, JTextField, JTextArea, JLabel, Container, JPanel, JTabbedPane, JList, and ActionListener. You may use other classes. How to run an applet program: -Create an html file, say “hw6.html” with the following content: ——————————————————– Assignment 6 Applet —————————————————— -Compile your java program as usual. -In a console, type: appletviewer hw6.html (instead of typing “java Assignment6”). -In the TextPad, choose Tool->Run Java Applet or press Ctrl-3 (press control key and 3 at the same time). -In the jGrasp, choose Run->Run as Applet. To test to see if your machine is set to view an applet, please go to the following site: Click this page Program Description Suggested Class Diagram: Write a Java program that constructs an Applet. Your program should provide labels and textfields to a user to enter information regarding projects. The Applet (JApplet) of your program should contain two tabs. The first tab is labeled “Project creation” and the second tab is labeled “Project spending”. (The size of the applet here is approximately 900 X 350). The section under the first tab should be divided into two parts: The left part contains labels, textfields, and a button for a user to enter some project information. The right part shows “No project” at the beginning (it is done usingJTextArea). A user can enter some project information, and push “Create a project” button. Then the project information should appear on the right hand side panel (note that the format of the project information can be using toString() method of the Project class). A message “Project added” should also appear with red color at the top of the panel. Error handling: 1. If a user forgets to enter some field and pushes “Create a project” button, show a message “Please fill all fields” with red color , and nothing should be added to the right hand side panel. 2. If a user enters a non-numeric value for project number or initial funding, and push “Create a project” button, show a message “Please enter a numeric value for project number and initial funding” with red color , and nothing should be added to the right hand side panel. After entering several projects, the applet will have the following appearance. Note that a scroll pane needs to be added to show multiple projects. Under the “Project spending” tab, a user can choose a project to specify spending. There should be a JList containing all projects created by Project creation panel and a user can choose a project within it by clicking it. Below the JList, there should be a JTextField where a user can enter some spending and a button to add some spending. The list of projects in the JList should be exactly same as the list under “Project creation” tab. A user can choose a project and specify its spending, then push ” Submit Budget ” button. After pushing the button, it should update the spending and current balance of the project as follows. Note that a scroll pane needs to be added to show the entire project information. Another user can add spending for other projects as well: A user should be able to go back and forth between “Project creation” tab and “Project spending” tab, and thes…

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