The projects will promote independent study in the area of information security.

The project will be completed as follows:

10-12 max page long written report submitted (1.5 line spacing, 11-point font size),

15-min oral presentation

The project assessment will be based on the following criteria out of 100 points:

written report: content (coverage, depth of understanding reflected) – 50 pts

written report: quality of writing (ease of understanding, structure, syntax, proper citations, reference section, etc.) – 25 pts

oral presentation (clarity and general understanding) – 25 pts

List of projects: Solely extraction from Google etc. will not gain you any points. However, you must state why it is an asset and/or a vulnerability and what to do about it to improve the state of the art in ubiquitous daily computing. What are the pros and cons in terms of Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation? Your suggestions.

I need outline, introduction before September 28. Before the deadline, I need the whole final project and a presentation PPT.

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