Review the following referenced readings:

Rozkwitalska, M. (2010, November). Barriers of cross-cultural interactions according to the research findings. Journal of Intercultural Management, 2(2), 37-52.

Johnson, J., Lenartowicz, T., & Apud, S. (2006, May). Cross-cultural competence in international business: Toward a definition and a model. Journal of International Business Studies, 37(4), 525-541. (Note: These readings are available on the Internet)

.a) Examine the key positions put forth by the authors in the articles, especially with regard to the concepts of cross-cultural intelligence, cross-cultural competence, and barriers to cross-cultural interactions. Appraise and explain their key arguments. (75 marks)

.b) Read and examine stories in newspapers and/or magazines from last six months. Identify two examples or case studies that illustrates cross-cultural intelligence, cross- cultural competence or barriers to cross-cultural interactions in action. Develop a persuasive and coherent argument as to why you see these two examples as good illustrations of Rozkwitalska’s and/or Johnson et al.’s arguments.

Further notes for the assignment is stated in the attached document

Use APA style for referencing

Word limit of 1,500

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