This assignment is designed to offer the opportunity to practice the skills that we discussed in Chapter one and two. The assignment is divided into two parts, and each question has a value of 2 marks. You will choose ONEof the following:

Part A: Based on the article that you chose answer the following questions.

  • State the topic
  • Locate the issue- there may be more than one issue but for the purpose of the assignment list all the issues you have located focus BUT focus on only one issue.

Now that you have chosen the issue that you want to focus on:

  • Locate the claim/conclusion of the writer.
  • Based on the issue that you are focusing on locate the reasons that are provided to support the claim.
  • Are there value assumptions that have the potential to create conflict? What are they?

Part B: Using the same article that you chose take the opposite position of the writer and answer the following questions.

  • Rewrite the claim/conclusion to represent the other side of the argument.
  • What reasons would support the alternate conclusion?
  • What value assumptions support an alternate conclusion?

NOTE:You want your responses to be concise and clear. Most answers should be one to two sentences in length and all sources must be cited in APA format. This is an opportunity to locate the parts of an argument so be specific.

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