This assignment has one parts:

  • Written post (2-4 paragraphs) examining the various scenarios below and applying several key court cases for your explanations.
  • NOTE: Time how long it takes you to put together your response for each section.

PART 1: SEARCH SCENARIO Based on the materials below, answer each of the following questions in a written post (Use full paragraphs and essay format. You may use numbering to keep the points straight if needed).

Use examples drawn from the readings. Please cite the information in both the lecture podcast and the textbook using in-text parenthetical citation format in APA 6th edition.

Example Book Citation:(Cole, Smith & De Jong,2016, p.#)

Example Podcast Lecture Citation:(Ratnabalasuriar,2017).

End References: oCole,G.F, Smith,C.E,& De Jong,C.(2018). Criminal justice in America. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

oRatnabalasuriar,S.(Producer)(2017, October 1). CJ201, Module 6 Contemporary lssues and Challenges in Policing. [ Module 6]. Introduction to Criminal Justice Podcast. Podcast retrieved from

Question 1-Consider the following scenario-Miami, Florida police received a tip that marijuana was being grown inside the home of Joelis Jardines. Detective Douglas Bartiet took a trained drug-sniffing dog to the front porch of the house. The dog indicated that he smelled an illegal drug that he was trained to detect. Based on the dog’s actions, the police went to a judge and obtained a search warrant. The defense attorney argued that police officers could not legally bring a dog to the front door of someone’s home without a warrant. The prosecutor argued that no search took place.

Did the officer undertake a “search?”

Question 2-Automobile Searches Scenario:

  • Imagine you are private defense attorney who is weighing several potential client case files to determine if your firm should take on these cases. Your firm only takes want to take cases that demonstrate clear evidence that a person’s rights have been violated.
  • The clients below are each arguing they were victims of illegal searches conducted by law enforcement. For each of the clients, using the court cases presented in the chapter (for example, Michigan v. Long 1983), explain the following:

1. Does the client’s case meet the standards for a legal search that can be conducted without a warrant?

2. Influencing your decision is whether or not your potential clients have cases that fall under legitimate violation of their fourth amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure.

  • Client 1:“I was at a border patrol stop at the border between the United States and Canada. There were no visible materials in the passenger seat or rear seats of the car. The patrol agents ordered me to pull over to the side and proceeded to search my car, even though I did not consent to a search.”
  • Client 2:”I was driving the speed limit (I have a GPS unit that measures speed and have records indicating I was going 5 miles under the limit). I have all tags and license plates updated and displayed properly. I was obeying all posted traffic signs and directions. A law enforcement officer stopped me after I made a turn on a red light. There was nothing in the car except myself and my bag on the passenger seat. The officer insisted that because I turned on the red light, he had the authority to search my trunk”.
  • Client 3:“I was pulled over for speeding, and when the officer asked me if it was ok to search the trunk, I said yes. I think that search was illegal because the officer did not tell me I had the right to say no to a search.”

Textbook link :!pTw2xSxT!i0WkCRSjI5SaJrWanoqYvkl…

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