Answer each question minimum 300 words. Must use provided material (PDF book) along with (2) other sources to help answer questions. Reference/site in APA format. Here is the reference for the PDF: Karmen, A. (2016). Crime victims: an introduction to victimology (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. WILL EXTEND TIME LIMIT ADDITIONAL 5 HOURS IF NEEDED.

1.) Using Box 7.4 on page 234, in a minimum of 500 words and in narrative format, outline one of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases. Give the facts, issue and court holding of the case.

2.) Does the case you picked favor victim rights or offender rights? Give examples for your decision.

3.) As a victim rights advocate, in what ways could probation officers, corrections officials, and parole boards do even more for crime victims? Give examples for each.

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