I am looking for help regarding the following. I am willing for half completion of this project as well to get me started.

I have created a pivot table already in the (General Journal Pivoted) tab so the totals should be matching up.

1. Create a General Ledger (T-accounts) in Excel from the General Journal you have been given. (Account numbers from the Chart of Accounts are in parentheses) Show:

1. Beginning Balance for permanent accounts

2. Total Debits

3. Total Credits

4. Account balance

ii. Consider using a pivot table to summarize accounts

2. Create an Adjusted Trial Balance. On the tab provided. Make sure our debits equal your credits

a. Moving your account balance from each account into the template provided.

b. Ensure your debits equal your credits

3. Create Financial Statements from your trial balance (Income Statement, Statement of Change in owner’s equity, Balance sheet)… on tab provided… A template for the financial statements is provided.

4. Create your closing entries (you can summarize all revenues, all expenses and dividends into 3 entries)

5. Create a post-closing trial balance on the tab provided

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